Revit dynamo -Import geometry from an SAT file - example 5

1. Intro

In this example, we have received an SAT-file from architects that contain a rough geometry of a retaining wall with a location in XYZ coordinates.  We want to import the geometry into our Revit file in the right location.

1. Import SAT file to Revit

One input value, file path, click it, and pick the SAT file. File from path and geometry.importFromSAT will get the file and “unpack” it into a geometry wich will appear in the dynamo view.  The last box, ImportInstance.byGeometry,  Will take the geometry created in dynamo and import/recreate it in dynamo, as shown in the video. 

Possible errors that might occur is using the “wrong” project units and/or have a different coordinate system than the SAT file has, local vs global coordinates.  

Picture 1

1. Conclusion