Brage Fredheim

July 5, 1990

Norway, Oslo 

Structural civil engineer

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Brage Fredheim is a highly skilled structural engineer who holds a master’s degree from NTNU. His primary area of expertise lies in the realm of advanced modeling within Revit, employing the power of Dynamo to enhance his designs. Additionally, he adeptly performs complex calculations using Robot Structural Analysis software. On occasion, Brage also undertakes BIM-related projects, showcasing his versatility in the field of structural engineering.


Fredheim’s greatest passion(besides Revit ofc) lies in the world of physical fitness. He engages in various forms of exercise, including cycling, running, swimming, and weightlifting.
His proudest moments in this realm include standing on the stage in the men’s physique category at the Oslo Grand Prix in 2017, cycling through Europe in 2022, and participating in the challenging Ironman Copenhagen event in 2023.

 When he takes a break from his rigorous workout routines, you might find Mr.Fredheim hosting delightful cocktail and board game nights with his friend.