In example 25 I will go through how to get color on every rebar based on their diameter, using Revit Filter. In the last part, Dynamo Player will color all rebars in different colors based on their partition. 

This is a step by step tutorial about how to create a titleblock with shared parameters

This is a step by step tutorial about how to prepare a bar bending schedule in Revit with a rebar shape 99.

The last wall, a curved wall with varying height, Dynamo will be applied to generate the U-shaped rebars both top and bot. For the bot rebars, Dynamo player will be used. 

In example 21, we want to place U-shaped rebars along the edges of our slab, this can be done by the “classic” technique used earlier, but the more effective way is to use path option.

We now move over to our second wall, a curved wall. To solve the rebar challenges, the free form rebar option will be used. For the straight rebars, the free form rebar surface will be applied, and for the U-shaped rebars, the free form rebar Aligned used.

This Revit-rebar guide will explain how to place rebars in 3 different walls, a straight wall, a curved wall, and a curved wall with a slope. We will be using 3 different techniques to accomplish the goal. In example 19 the “classic” technique will be applied, and area reinforcement.