blind spots

In the book blind spots, we investigate how smart people can do dumb things

Lost connections

When looking at the causes of depression we need to look at a person’s life, and the environment to find out where life is going wrong.

Why we sleep

A comprehensive and detailed book with a lot of scientific depth about sleep. We learn what it takes to fall asleep and the catastrophic consequences of sleep deprivation.


Learn what Grit is, and why it’s so immensely important to be gritty if you want to succeed in your area of interest/passion/job.

The power of habit

Learn the power of habits, why it’s so easy to do some things, and so hard to resist others. Learn how to create new habits and change old ones.

Good to great

Learn how to establish or take an already existing good company and make it great, with some easy to follow principles and guidelines explained in this book.

Insanely Simple

Learn the art of simplicity, and how to implement it as a business leader and an employee.

The subtle art of not giving a fuck 

Finding out what truly is important to you, where to dedicate your precious time, and just don’t give a fuck about the rest.


The classic work on how to achieve happiness.

Increase your day to day happiness, and find more meaning in life, by focusing your activities to be in flow