Overview of all the Cornucopia Guilds


A Guild is an association of people with mutual interests, practices, and ethos that wants to accomplish something as a group. 

The biggest advantage, but not the most obvious of joining a guild is that it will give you a sense of belonging, since human beings are social creatures we seek to belong somewhere, and joining a guild can give you just that. When belonging somewhere will give you a sense of meaning and create happiness. OFC the straightness of that feeling depends on how much you are involved in the guild. 

Another advantage of joining a Cornucopia guild is that you can cooperate to gather resources, borrow vehicles or land, create events, and brainstorm ideas. 

Send me a Twitter DM if your guild deserves to be on the list or if you want to write an article where you present your guild and why people should join.


List of guilds



How to join a guild

Join the Cornucopia discord and go to the header – guild recruit (marked in the picture below), and contact one of the recruiters.