Revit dynamo - Create topography from excel coordintes - example 1


 In this task, we have manually taken coordinates of the bottom of the lake by driving over the area we want to map, with a boat.  Got a couple of hundreds of coordinates which was typed into excel (see picture 1)

Picture 1

In the right corner in the excel sheet, the global coordinates in our local origin are placed. Further, in sheet Ark2, we subtract the “boat” coordinates with the global coordinates in our local origin, to get more manageable numbers.


We are now in dynamo, deciding the input variables.

File path, find the excel document where the coordinates are saved.

String represents the sheet name to use in the excel document, in this case, we want to use a sheet with the name Ark2.

x,y,z coordinate, and the number below represents the number of the column in excel, so 0 is column A, 1 is B, and 2 is C.

Picture 2

          2.Import XYZ coordinates from excel

In this section, we import the coordinates and reorganize the coordinates in lists that are understandable for the next node. For example, the list that the node Data.importExcel is given us can’t be read by the node x-coordinate(List.GetItemAtIndex), its necessary to re-organize the list structure, so we use the node List transpose to do so.  As picture 3 shows, the list is organized in a different manner.

Picture 3

3.Create topography and import to Revit

We have no reorganized the coordinates lists, it can now be used by the node Topography.ByPoints and create topography in Revit, but first, the coordinate list needs to run through  the node Point.PruneDuplicates to remove duplicated coordinates.

Picture 4

4. Conclusion

Picture 5

Check out how to create a void topography here.