Revit dynamo - area and length - example 14

0. Intro

One of the shortest but for me the most used dynamo script in recent years. It’s an easy way to find quantities of both length and area for an object.  

1. Length of construction

Select edge on the object you want to know the length of, curve.length calculate the length and formula show it in the desired unit, in my case I had Revit set to mm, but wanted the length to be in m, so just divided by 1000.  

Picture 1

2. Surface area for construction

Select areas on the object, with select faces. Surface.Area calculates the area for each selected surface, and formula shows it in the desired unit. Math.Sum(x2) sums all selected areas to a total area.

Revit dynamo – calculate area and length for an object – example 14


Picture 2

8. Conclusion

Picture 3