Revit - rebar(part 3), Path reinforcement - example 21

Download the full Revit Rebar tutorial PDF here

0. Intro  

The path option under reinforcement is a nice tool to place rebars in, for example, slabs, It’s easy and fast.

So, you need to stay in a plan view to deploy the rebars, have a 3D view open for a better overview and maneuverability.

In our example, we want to place U-shaped rebars along the edges of our slab, this can be done by the “classic” technique used earlier, but the more effective way is to use path option.

Picture 2

First off, we use pick lines to pick the edges of our slab, further we press the double arrow because we want the U-shaped rebars to go into the slab and not outwards, and last edit the values under the properties tab.

Picture 3

When done, press the green finish button, the result will look like the picture below. The U-shaped rebars are or the wrong way, this is a quick fix, just mark them and hit the space bar a couple of times to get the desired position.

Picture 4

To remove the path system, press the Remove path system button, we now have the opportunity to change the a,b, and c values for our U-shaped rebars

Picture 5

Click here for Revit Rebar tutorial part 4

6.Video demonstration