Revit rebar -Rebar schedule with a rebar99 - example 23

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Download the full Revit Rebar tutorial PDF here

0. Intro

At this point, we are done with the rebar modeling and want to set up a rebar schedule of our rebars from the first wall we created. This is a step by step tutorial about how to prepare a bar bending schedule in Revit with a rebar shape 99.

First thing first, locate the create rebar schedule.


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Rebar schedule Fields

When hitting the OK button, the box in the picture below appears, hear we select the desired values from the rebar properties bar, as shown.  

Picture 4

Rebar schedule Filter

Our rebar numbering (partition value under properties) is set up so that wall one (the first wall we placed rebars in has partition numbers from 10-20 wall 2 have 20-30 etc., it makes it easy to distinguish the desired rebar numbering in our list using filters.

Picture 5

Rebar schedule Sorting/grouping 

Under sorting/grouping we aim at sorting our partition numbers from low to high in rising order, 10,11,12, 13.etc. It’s important that Itemize every instance is checked off like shown in the picture below.

Picture 6

Rebar schedule Formatting

The schedule is now showing the mm sign after every number (green arrow), to remove it follow the picture below.

Picture 7

The rebar schedule is starting to form, but it still needs some small adjustments. The shape image for our rebar shape 7 is missing and the total bar length must be added.

Picture 8

Rebar shape 99

Let’s start off with our custom rebar shape. Some manual work is needed, draw the shape in a legend or draft view, use the snipping tool, and save the image on your desktop, then click the custom rebar and press edit family.

Picture 9
Picture 10

In the custom, rebar shape clicks the family types and add the image saved to the desktop, se picture below.

Picture 11

To change the row height when you add an image to the schedule and place the schedule on a sheet. Click on the schedule in the sheet view and the resize button will appear on the modify schedule graphics bar.

Picture 12

Calculated parameter

The final step for our rebar schedule is to add a total bar length parameter. In the schedule properties under fields, click Add calculated parameter, and punch in the values shown below.

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