Revit rebar -Rebar titleblock with shared parameters - example 24

Download the full Revit Rebar tutorial PDF here

0. Intro

For an easier and better overview of the part of the different construction we have created through the project, we want to create a rebar schedule sheet for every construction part, to do that we have to create a title block with shared parameters. The title block presented is a simplified version just to show and clarify how to create a title block with shared parameters. You may create your own title block with preferred text and parameters that are personalized for your needs.

To create a new title block, go to:

File –> New –> Title block

As this is an A4 sheet, we set it up properly, with the necessary A4 borders.  Add appropriate text, the same way as in Revit.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Here comes the tricky part, adding labels, maneuver through the labyrinth of options, and getting it all to work after you load the title block into Revit’s main file. To solve the problem, a shared parameter will be used. I will go through it step by step.

Hit the label button localized in the picture above.

In the process shown below, we want to create a txt. document that will contain our newly created shared parameters. 

Edit label appears, click add parameter à Select –> Edit –> Create, save the txt document. The txt document will be used to “transfer” the created parameters from the title block family to our main Revit file.   

Picture 3

In the Edit shared parameters window, we create a parameter group, this group will contain the parameters that belong to this Rebar schedule title block.

Picture 4

When the OK button is pressed in the Edit shared parameters window, select the parameter you want to implement in the edit label list (In our case, all the parameters will be added), in the parameter properties, just hit OK and the parameter will appear in the Edit label menu.

Picture 5

When done with this confusing part, locate the parameter in the menu and add it. Add all the parameters and load into project when finish.

Picture 6
Picture 7

Back to the main Revit-file after loaded the title block into it. To start off, create a sheet, select the title block you just created. You may notice that it is not possible to change the value for our created parameters, the last step to get out shared parameters operative remains.

 The txt file that was created earlier will be linked, you can see that under manage –> Shared parameters, but to get them to work you need to apply them to the project and sheet category, click the project parameter shown below and follow the steps. As you can see our created shared parameters appear as a choice under the Shared parameter window.

Picture 8

Check the instance (Enables you to modify the parameter value separately for every instance), sheets(make the parameter available on the sheet), hit OK, do the same for the other parameters. All the parameters are now active and ready to be used.  Place the desired rebar schedule in the sheet, and fill in the values of the parameters and the sheet is ready to be sent.

Picture 9
Picture 10