Revit Rebar Dynamo - Rebar color with filter and dynamo - example 25

Download the full Revit Rebar tutorial PDF here

0. Intro

When modeling rebars, it’s easy to lose track of it all. A good tool to use both during the rebar modeling phase and to quickly get back the overview, a clean and colorful 3D might do wonders. 

In example 25 I will go through how to get color on every rebar based on their diameter, using Revit Filter. In the last part, Dynamo Player will color all rebars in different colors based on their partition. That is previously done in example 16.


Picture 1

First off, we want to make the walls transparent. Open up the visibility graphic(VG), select walls, and set transparency level to 80%.

Picture 2

We can now see our rebars in the wall. Further, mark all the rebars and make them solid in view, like shown in the picture below. 

Note: for this to work the detail level need to be fine.  

Picture 3

Open visibility graphic(VG), and select filter. This is the process that actually applies color on the rebar based on the parameters. 

The parameters, in our case, we want to separate, is by rebar diameter. 

Add new parameter –> edit/new –> create new. 

Picture 4

The filter menu opens, check the structural rebar box. Bar diameter is selected, equals to 16. Meaning every Structural rebar with a bar diameter of 16 will be affected by choices done in the next step. 

Picture 5

Add the newly created ø16 filter to the filter list. Apply the color red for lines and patterns. Do the same for rebars with bar diameter 12 and 25, use a different color.

Picture 6
Picture 7

Hit apply and OK.

Picture 8

The rebars has now been colorized using filters. 

Picture 9

The last action I did on the youtube video was coloring the rebars based on their partition number using Dynamo Player. You can read about the script in detail here

Picture 10